What Foods Should I Try While I’m in Israel?

The PinterTest Kitchen is going to Israel! Woo!

A few months ago, I was invited by Israel’s Ministry of Trade to visit the country and check out their booming tech industry. I’ve never even been out of the country before, and as this post is published, I’m at the airport getting ready to board my flight!

I’ll be writing about my experiences more on the New Media Expo, since I’ll primarily be seeing the country through technology-tinted glasses…but I figure, a girl’s gotta eat too, right?


And believe me, I’m looking forward to tasting all Israel has to offer and sharing it here for you guys to see! I need your help though.

I have almost no idea what to expect from the food in Israel, other than stereotypical Jewish foods, which I’ve honestly never really eaten – I just haven’t had the opportunity. It’s exciting to me to try foods I’ve never had before. Even the El Al airplane food has me excited!

But I am probably going to rely a lot on my fellow travelers and waiters/waitresses for recommendations, since I don’t know much about Israeli food. I hope you’ll help too!

So leave a comment – what kind of foods do you think I should try while I’m in Israel? Is there a place in Tel-Aviv I should try to eat? What should I definitely taste before leaving the country? Any links (pins or otherwise) to Israeli-inspired recipes I should test out when I get home?

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One thought on “What Foods Should I Try While I’m in Israel?

  1. Definitely try hummus, thaini, falafel, shawarma (like gyro meat, but better), bourekas (a snack made of dough and filled with anything, such as potato, spinach, mushrooms) and jachnun and maluch (breakfast foods made of dough). Enjoy Israel- it is amazing!

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