Try Out Slice Bookshelf and Win $50 to Feed Your Amazon Addiction!

Slice Amazon GiveawayRecently, I checked out a cool new site called Slice Bookshelf. If you like to read, it’s a pretty cool social reading platform that you can use to discover new books and keep track of your purchases…which is convenient if you’re an Amazon download-a-holic like I am!

On Slice Bookshelf, you create a profile and then connect to your other profiles (Facebook, Goodreads, etc.) to populate your profile with the books you’ve read. You can also connect your email to automatically add any books you’ve purchased in the past, or you can add books manually. From there, you can organize you collection on bookshelves, follow other users to see what they are reading, review books you’ve read, mark your favorites, and even tell people about books you didn’t like.

Slice Bookshelf was generous enough to offer all readers here at The PinterTest Kitchen blog a chance to win a $50 gift card to Amazon just for checking out their platform! Woo hoo!They’re also featuring my cookbook bookshelf, which you can see and follow here. I’ve got some cool options on there, including unofficial Harry Potter and Doctor Who cookbooks. Yes, we’re a little geeky around here!

Want a chance to win the giftcard? Start by joining Slice and entering the link to your profile below. You can also earn additional entries for exploring Slice and spreading the word about this giveaway!

So what are you waiting for? Enter right now:
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12 thoughts on “Try Out Slice Bookshelf and Win $50 to Feed Your Amazon Addiction!

    • The biggest difference I see (having very limited Goodreads experience) is the automation. I like that every time I purchase a book and get a receipt via email, it automatically adds to Slice Bookshelf (and I like even more than I can add books retroactively via email receipts), as well as auto-adding books I like on Facebook. I believe you can now automate Amazon purchases with Goodreads, but that’s it unless I’m mistaken.

      Also, now that Amazon owns Goodreads, I’m guessing recommendations are a little biased based on Amazon’s overall goals (like promoting sales), while Slice Bookshelf is (as of now) independent.

      That doesn’t necessarily mean I like Slice more than Goodreads. On Goodreads, you get a huge community and a lot of discussion. Slice is more of a quick way to share what you’re reading and what you recommend, without all the bells and whistles. They’re both good services.

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