Thumbs Up: Torchbearer Honey Garlic Wing Sauce

The PinterTest Kitchen Reviews Torchbearer Honey Garlic Wing SauceLet me start off this review of Torchbearer Honey Garlic Wing Sauce by saying that I wasn’t contacted by Torchbearer or paid for this review. Heck, I didn’t even get a free sample: I paid for it with my own hard-earned dollars.

But it was totally worth it.

This is by far one of the tastiest pre-made sauces I’ve tried in a long time. I usually like to make my own stuff so I know what goes into it, but my boyfriend Jeffrey and I tried some Torchbearer sauces at a local wine festival and we were hooked, so I had to buy a bottle.

I know that it says “wing sauce” on the label, but I was a total rebel and used this sauce on a pork loin. I just popped it in the oven and basted every 10 minutes or so. The entire house smelled so good that when my roommate got home around 10 PM that night, she said, “Oh, this is totally not fair. That smells so good and I missed it.” And that was several hours after cooking!

The sauce itself is really sweet, like a honey mustard, and they definitely didn’t skimp on the garlic flavor. I’m not a fan of spicy sauces, so this was a good pick for me – all of the flavor with none of the heat. If you do like spicy food, though, Torchbearer has an entire line of sauce options. Jeffrey tried some at the wine festival and gave them the seal of approval.

I absolutely love the label artwork too! That has nothing to do with the taste, I know, but I keep some of my products on the kitchen counter instead of in the pantry, so cool looking artwork is always appreciated.

Despite how much I loved the taste, there are two downfalls to this sauce. First, it is a little pricey. At the festival, they were three for $15, and online they are $5.99 each. So it’s a bit of a budget buster. Second…well…okay, I won’t lie. It kind of looks like vomit. When I initially poured it onto the pork, my stomach flipped a little. But if you can get past that, it is totally worth it.

To buy Torchbearer Honey Garlic Wing Sauce, head to their site and you can order it online. That’s not an affiliate link or anything – I just really enjoyed the sauce and wanted to share!

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2 thoughts on “Thumbs Up: Torchbearer Honey Garlic Wing Sauce

  1. I confess, this is the first blog post of yours that I have read in it’s entirety! YOU are a total RIOT and I LOVE your work!!! I so want to try this sauce now!! Who ever said that HUMOR does not sell stuff is not very up on what John Q Public seeks in a review! Loved this post and I want some of this brands sauce now!! Thank you!

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