The Ultimate List of Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes

The Ultimate List of Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes

Once upon a time, I didn’t like stuffing. I know. I thought it was just warm, slightly soggy bread. But since those dark ages, I’ve learned to really enjoy stuffing. I even occasionally make it without Stovetop’s help.

This year, I’m hosting an “orphan” Thanksgiving. We live in a military town and a lot of our friends don’t have the ability to take leave for Thanksgiving with the December holidays coming up. So I’m making dinner for everyone, probably around 12 people. It’s not the most I’ve ever cooked for, but it is the most people I’ve ever had for a major holiday.

I decided to make two types of stuffing this year – one with cornbread and one using a combination of Italian and wheat breads. I used Pinterest to find great recipes to try, including a bunch that look really tasty. I decided to compile all the yummy-looking Thanksgiving stuffing recipes into a post for y’all in case you’re looking for the right stuffing for Thanksgiving too!

Without further ago, here’s the ultimate list of Thanksgiving stuffing recipes (in alphabetical order), along with the blogs where they are posted and links to follow the recipes’ creators on Pinterest! If you visit any, tell ’em The PinterTest Kitchen sent ya!


Some of these recipes use chicken/turkey stock, which you can easily replace with vegetable stock, but they don’t have actual chucks of meat in them.

With Meat

Do you have a favorite stuffing recipe to make for Thanksgiving or other holidays? Share with a comment below!

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5 thoughts on “The Ultimate List of Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes

  1. So fun to have all of these recipes. I feel pressure on Thanksgiving to make the “traditional” stuffing my family has always made (and I love!) But it is fun every now and then – when aside from the fourth Thursday in November – to experiment a bit:)

  2. Isn’t it crazy to think about how many different types of stuffing there is!? I am amazed by your list. I have a kind that I consider the best ever made. Mostly because it was made by my Grandmother. She can no longer make it, so I do each year, and every bit reminds me of her.

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