Sweet and Savory Strawberry Grilled Cheese

Sweet and Savory Strawberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe - Triple Chocolate Kitchen

I have a confession.

Don’t hate… but…

I don’t like strawberries.

I know, I know. Jeffrey always says that I must hate happiness and sunshine and rainbows and puppies. For the record, I do not. I just can’t stand the taste of strawberries.

But he loves them, loves them, so I try my best to come up with recipes using strawberries that he can enjoy.

Last night, we went to one of our favorite restaurants here in Virginia, called Anchor Allie’s. It’s a cool little pinup-themed joint that served breakfast all day, but also makes yummy tacos, wings, and sandwiches.

They have a sandwich on the menu that Jeffrey loves – a grilled cheese with the addition of strawberries. Well, a few minutes after we ordered, the waitress informed us that sadly, the kitchen didn’t have one of the ingredients. Bummer! So he ordered something else, and afterward, we went to the grocery store and I picked up the ingredients needed to make a similar dish at home.

Sweet and Savory Strawberry Grilled Cheese Recipe

He said my version is just as good as the restaurant’s! It is a super sweet lunch, almost like dessert, with hints of savory flavors from the cheese and balsamic vinegar. I know it sounds like a weird combination… but he loves it!

Usually I would tell you to customize your meal trying out different kinds of cheeses to find your own favorite flavors, but I think in this case the brie and mozzarella are really the best combination. The brie pairs perfectly with strawberries, and you can’t beat mozzarella when you need a lovely melty cheese.

You can, however, experiment with different types of berries. Blackberries, for example, would be totally yummy in a sandwich like this.

The weather is still quite chilly here in Virginia, so I made these inside using my stove top and broiler… but you could easily make these on the grill instead. They are grilled cheese sandwiches, after all! 🙂

Sweet and Savory Strawberry Grilled Cheese

Here’s the printable recipe. You’ll note that there are no measurements. It’s a sandwich! Use the amount of cheese and berries that you prefer. For Jeffrey’s sandwich, I really loaded on the berries.

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Strawberry Grilled Cheese

A sweet and savory grilled cheese sandwich perfect as a light lunch or even as a mid-day snack.


  • ciabatta rolls
  • strawberries
  • brie and mozzarella
  • balsamic vinegar
  • powdered sugar


  1. Slice the rolls in half and toast lightly.

  2. Slice strawberries thinly and add to a hot pan. Cook over medium-high heat until berries soften and juices begin to release, about 2-3 minutes.

  3. Layer slices of brie on one side of the bread (I like to remove the rind first, but you don't have to). Layer slices of mozzarella on the other side of the bread and top with strawberries.

  4. Broil on high for 2-3 minutes, until cheese is bubbly and melted.

  5. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and close sandwich.

  6. Dust with powdered sugar and serve while still warm.

Looking for more strawberry recipes? Here are some of Jeffrey’s favorites.

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4 thoughts on “Sweet and Savory Strawberry Grilled Cheese

  1. Whaaaaat? You don’t like strawberries? We can run through the strawberries at our house. We actually just put in a bigger patch. Brie and berries are the perfect combination and this looks like a great sandwich!

    • I know… I am so weird! Everyone kept saying that I was just being a picky eater when I was a kid and that’s I’d grow out of it, but I legit still do not like the flavor or texture.

  2. OMG, these sandwiches are super cool! I am not crazy about strawberries on their own, but like them in sorbet and can also appreciate the flavor combo going on here with the brie. My husband on the other hand is just like yours:) He’d love this sandwich. I’m going to make these, put beersamic on them instead of balsamic and then ask for a double tap kegerator for my birthday, lol. Pretty sure the mood will be set in my favor. Pinned!

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