Product Review and Recipe Sponsorship

Thanks for your interest in sponsoring a recipe on our blog or having us review your product on social media. Here are our brand partnership options. Scroll down or click a link to skip to a certain section:

Product Review

This is a great option if your brand is on a budget and you want a simple, quick mention on Instagram. You can simply send product to us for consideration.

If we like your product, we photograph it and do a post on Instagram @triplechocolatekitchen. We do not copy/paste brand messaging, but we are happy to keep your brand messaging in mind and use your hashtags. Here are a few posts we’ve done in the past:

  • Wolferman’s:
  • Barlean’s:
  • Lorann Oils:
  • Cento Fine Foods:

PLEASE NOTE: We do not guarantee that we’ll create a recipe with your product. We create recipes with some products, but for a guaranteed recipe, please see “Recipe Sponsorship” below.

We do guarantee promotion for product packages with an ARV of $50+. We do not guarantee promotion for product packages with an ARV of less than $50. For smaller product packages, we post at our own discretion if we like the product.

Email for the address and to discuss timeline.

Cookbook Review and Recipe Posting

Do you have a cookbook recipe or product recipe already created that you would like us to publish? Let’s work together!

We exclusively work with recipe photos that have the Triple Chocolate Kitchen branding, which means a professional-quality photo with red/pink colors. (The entire photo doesn’t have to be red or pink, but one or both of those colors does need to be prominently in the picture.)

You must provide at least two photos: one horizontal (landscape) and one square or vertical (portrait).

We only post CHOCOLATE recipes at this time, so your recipe must contain milk, dark, or white chocolate or cocoa powder. Cocoa butter is also acceptable if it is a dominant ingredient, as well as ingredients that contain chocolate (example: nutella, a premade cocoa rub, chocolate ice cream, etc.).

There is no fee for recipe posting at this time. However, we do ask that you host a giveaway in conjunction with our blog with a prize with an ARV of at least $100. This can be product, a gift card, or a combination. It cannot be a coupon code for a percentage off. In order to enter, people will have to follow your brand or author on a social media site of your choice, so this benefits you as well in addition to the recipe promotion.

For availability, please email

Recipe Sponsorship

Are you interested in having Triple Chocolate Kitchen develop, publish, and promote a unique recipe for your brand. We would be happy to work with you! We work with both food and non-food products. For non-food products, we either use your product in creation of the recipe (in the case of kitchen tools) or we use your brand as an inspiration for a recipe (as an example, see this Sweet Potato Pie sponsored recipe).

All recipe sponsorship comes with the following:

  • A unique recipe using or inspired by your product(s). You must provide products for us to use in this recipe. We often make a recipe 3-5 times during development to get it right, so keep this in mind when thinking about how much product to send. You have complete rights to use this recipe and our photographs on your own website or social accounts, as long as Triple Chocolate Kitchen is credited.
  • The post will contain your brand messaging and links back to your website (or a specific landing page). We also include links to your social media accounts. We do not allow for an approval process with brands, but we can make minor changes after the post is live if desired. All links are no-follow and the sponsorship relationship is disclosed within our posts.
  • We promote the post on social media in the weeks following publication, and it becomes part of our regular roster of posts to promote throughout the year. Your post will stay live for the life of our blog (we don’t foresee shutting down our blog anytime soon, but we guarantee this for at least a year).
  • You have the option of running a giveaway in conjunction with our post. If you decide to do this, the prize must have an ARV of at least $100. Readers will have to follow you in order to win. There is no additional fee to host the giveaway. This is completely option in addition to the recipe.

The cost for recipe sponsorship starts at $150 and depends on the options you choose for promotion, brand messaging, etc. We also offer 3-recipe and 5-recipe packages available for a discount if you are interested in a long-term sponsorship. Email to learn more.

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