Rich & Creamy Homemade Spiced Hot Chocolate

homemade hot chocolate with cinnamonWho needs store-bought pouches of powder when you can make yummy, rich hot chocolate on your stove top? I’m a big fan of knowing what I’m putting in my body, so even though I’ve been known to enjoy a little Swiss Miss from time to time, I’m in love with this homemade hot chocolate recipe.

It only requires one pot and a few minutes to make, so there’s really no excuse to buy the powder kind ever again.

Plus, it has spices. Yum! I modified this recipe from a pin I saw leading me to this hot chocolate recipe on Foodomania. You can make it your own by switching up the type of chocolate and spices you choose to include.

To make this homemade hot chocolate using my favorite variation, you’ll need milk, chopped chocolate (or chocolate chips), ground cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, vanilla, and mini marshmallows.

Start by adding your chocolate to a small pot or saucepan. Cover with milk and bring to a slow boil.

milk and chocolate

You can use dark chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or any other chocolate out there. Heck, you could probably even melt down the peanut butter or caramel flavored chips for this recipe. My favorite is using 1/2 dark chocolate and 1/2 German chocolate. Chocolate chips are easiest, but you can also get the bar form and chop it up. You’ll want enough for 4 heaping tablespoons of chocolate, give or take.

Next, add the spices. I use about two pinches each of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. You could leave these out completely or add whole pieces and strain when done. Add a splash of vanilla extract here too if desired. Whatever floats your boat.

spicy hot chocolate

Then, just whisk. You want the milk to get frothy and the chocolate to melt.  Strain (if needed) and pour into a mug, add a few mini marshmallows (or whipped cream) and enjoy!

This recipe make enough for two people, but if you enjoy sweet, cozy drinks as much as I do, you might want to make one batch all for yourself!

homemade hot chocolate

Here’s the printable recipe:

Rich & Creamy Homemade Spiced Hot Chocolate
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
  • 2 cups milk
  • 4-5 Tablespoons chocolate (chopped or chips)
  • Cinnamon (optional)
  • Ginger (optional)
  • Cloves (optional)
  • Vanilla (optional)
  • Mini marshmallows (optional)
  • Whipped cream (optional)
  1. Melt chocolate and milk over medium high heat.
  2. Add desired spices and vanilla.
  3. Bring to a boil, whisking until milk is frothy and chocolate is melted.
  4. Strain and serve in a mug with mini marshmallows or whipped cream (optional).

Nutritional Information on My Recipe Magic: Homemade Spiced Hot Chocolate

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