I Bake For Major Life Events… Pull Apart Engagement Ring Cupcakes

Engagement Ring Pull Apart CupcakesSomehow I always end up baking when someone has a major life event. When I was in college and it was someone’s birthday, I’d hand them my recipe book and tell them to pick something out. I was the girl that always brought brownies to movie night. My college friends STILL request my mini sticky buns whenever we all find the time to get together.

The other day, one of my best friends (who I work with) told me her boyfriend proposed and they’re engaged! We all knew it was coming. He had her ring finger sized a few weeks ago and I went into the jewelry store with her to figure out what style she liked. They’re so cute together and am SO happy for them.

So what do I do within hours of hearing the news???

I started baking cupcakes to take to work the next day. Of course.

It was Sunday night and I didn’t have time for anything too complicated or that called for any odd ingredients. So I grabbed a cake mix and started looking on Pinterest for ideas to decorate them. I came across this pin of an engagement ring cupcake cake. PERFECT! 

I baked my cupcakes and and let them cool. I even found silver cupcake papers hiding in the cupboard to match her white gold ring. The baking gods were with me that night!

Engagement Ring Pull Apart Cupcakes

I recruited my mom to whip up some vanilla icing while I arranged my cupcakes. My office only has 10-15 people in it so I decided make it a little smaller than the version I pinned.  Thank goodness my mom hoards food containers like this one (it even had a really high lid!), otherwise I don’t know what I would have done.

I pipe icing on the cupcakes and added sprinkles to the ‘diamond’ ones to make them stand out a little more. Plus my friend loves sprinkles.

Engagement Ring Pull Apart Cupcakes

I even made a monster cupcake for the happy couple to share! I was a little too excited to get to her house to celebrate though and forgot about taking a picture of it too. Whoops…

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! It’s not quite as fancy as the version I pinned, but I made it mine own. I got no complaints from my coworkers either! It’s nowhere near as beautiful as her ACTUAL ring, but I’m pretty proud of it.

Engagement Ring Pull Apart Cupcakes

Congrats Alyssa and Adam!!

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