Pinterest Tip of the Week: How to Tag Friends in Pins

Did you know that you can tag your friends in the description of a pin, which will notify them that they’ve been tagged? It’s quite handy when you pin something they’ve created or you want to alert them about a pin that they should see. If your friend follows a lot of people, they might otherwise never see your pin in their stream.

If you use Twitter or Facebook, the tagging process should seem familiar to you. All you have to do is type the @ symbol and then start typing the person’s name. Pinterest will create a drop-down list of people the same way Facebook does, and you can select the correct person from the list. Then just type the rest of the description as you normally would.

In order to tag someone, you have to be following at least one of their boards. In the past, the rule was that they had to be following at least one of your boards, which prevented people from spamming popular pinners. I would not be surprised if they someday chance this rule back, but for now, as long as you are following, you can tag.

A few tagging etiquette tips:

  • Don’t over-do it with the tags. It’s annoying if you get ten notifications a day from the same person trying to should you their pins. Only tag people occasionally.
  • If you find yourself tagging someone regularly, consider a collaborative board. That’s what Jessica and I do. We were tagging one another so often that we instead created a board called “Sisterly Love” where we can both pin and repin stuff that we want the other to see.
  • Don’t tag people in every pin. Even if you’re tagging different people, it can be annoying to your followers to see you tagging others in the description. It almost makes it feel like the pin is private, so others might be hesitant to repin or comment.
  • Use the tag feature for really good pins. If you tag someone and the pin is uninteresting, they may get annoyed. Make sure yo only tag content that is super relevant.
  • Do not use tags to self-promote. It should go without saying, but it’s poor manners to pin your own stuff, then tag people so they’ll repin. If you’re too self-promotional, people are going to unfollow you and report you to Pinterest as someone using the site unethically.

Tag away, dear readers! Many of you may already know about this feature, but I hope those of you who didn’t realize you could tag start using this option at least occasionally to help you stay connected with friends.

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