Pinterest Tip of the Week: How to Find People to Follow

How to Find People to Follow on PinterestPinning is more fun when you’re following lots of other people. Once you’ve followed all of your friends in real life, though, how can you find other interesting people to follow? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Follow your favorite bloggers. More and more bloggers are adding Pinterest buttons to their sites. Check the sidebar or simply search their name on Pinterest to find them. Usually, if you like their own blog posts, you’ll like the other stuff they pin too.
  • Search for people with similar interests. The search function on Pinterest is extremely handy. Think of something you like and search for that term. For example, I might search for “zombies” since I have a zombie board. Then, click on the “boards” button so you find people who are pinning a lot about that topic, not just people who’ve pinned a single image. These are great boards to follow.
  • Check your friends’ “repins from”list. Pick a friend whose pins you love and go to their profile. On the right-hand side, you’ll see a list of people they most often repin from. Chances are, if you like your friend’s pins, you’ll like their friends’ pins too.
  • Ask for recommendations on other social network sites. People like getting new followers, so if you’re active on other social networks, ask there if anyone has Pinterest or has good recommendations of other people to follow.
  • Search the general categories. When you repin something you’ve found by browsing Pinterest’s general categories, don’t stop there. Also click through to see the rest of these pinner’s boards – you might find some you want to follow.

Remember, you can follow individual boards if a person doesn’t seem super interesting to you beyond one or two boards. However, if you like several of their boards, I recommend following their entire profile and then unfollowing any boards that aren’t relevant to you. That way, you’ll see new boards they develop as well, which can help you find cool stuff to repin in the future.

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