Pinterest Now Allows Private Boards!

Those of us who use Pinterest daily have been waiting for this for a long time: Pinterest is finally allowing users to create private boards! Woo hoo!

Called secret boards, all you have to do to create one is log into Pinterest and then go to your profile (your list of boards). If it’s the first time you’ve logged in since they introduced the secret board feature, the page will automatically scroll to the bottom so you can start a secret board.

Right now, this feature is still in beta, so everyone gets three secret boards. That’s it. So use them wisely! In the future, they’ll probably allow you to make more secret boards, but until then you’re limited to three.

If you want, you can also invite others to view your secret boards, making thing semi-private. The general public won’t be able to see your board that way, but you can share the board with the people you want to see it.

I haven’t started using Pinterest secret boards yet, but I definitely have plans to use at least one to pin gifts for my friends and family. Otherwise, I can’t bookmark them on Pinterest since many of them follow me there and it wouldn’t be a surprise! Here are some other ways you could use Pinterest secret boards:

  • Items that are too risque for your followers (like underthingies!)
  • Funny jokes that might offend some people but you want to remember
  • Ideas for surprise parties (invite all the planners, but not the guest of honor)
  • If you’re a blogger, inspiration for upcoming posts
  • Ideas for a work project or other non-public project you’re planning with a group
  • Ideas when you’re planning for something that you haven’t announced yet (like a baby or wedding)

How will you use Pinterest secret boards?

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