Patchwork Paper Greeting Cards

die cut greeting cardI’ve always been found of making greeting cards. I don’t send them nearly often enough, but I do prefer making them over sending store-bought cards. So, I’m always on the look out for cool card ideas on Pinterest.

I’ve seen quite a few “cut out patchwork” cards (examples here and here), so I decided to make my own version for the holidays. I went about things a bit differently, though, and instead of doing a cut out, I used my eCraft die cutting machine (you could use any die cutting machine, like a Cricut, which my mom Sharon has).

The card I’m showing here features a tree, so it’s great for Christmas, but you could choose any shape and color scheme to make the card appropriate for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

The first step is to choose a design. You want to go with something fairly solid and blocky, like the tree design I chose. Cut out the design using at least four different coordinating papers.

tree cut outs

I cut two trees from each paper, since I only wanted to use four designs but I wanted to make more than four cards. The number you cut will determine the maximum number of cards you can make.

Next, stack the cut outs together and cut diagonal pieces, making sure to keep the pieces from each snip on its own pile so the trees would be easy to piece back together.

At this point, you need to glue to a piece of solid-colored paper. You can do this with a glue stick, but to make the this easier, I ran the pieces through our Xyron, which adds adhesive to the back pretty easily. Mix and match the paper designs as you go.

holiday greeting card

As you can see, I cut one edge of the paper to match the shape, like a mat, rather than just keeping it a square. This adds a little more interest. Then, glue this to a blank card and stamp a message.  (I actually went a step farther and glued to white mat, then a colored card. I also added a strip of green.) Here’s the finished result:

finished cut-out cards

Like I said, you could use any papers and any die cut design, so you the colors and patterns that make sense for the occasion. Once you get rolling, these are actually pretty easy to make, especially if you have some helping hands to be part of your assembly line (thank you Jessica!!!). So this would work for engagement announcements, thank you cards, and many other types of cards that you need.

Need some papers to make these cards? Here are a few you can browse (and yes…if you’re like us, you never have enough paper!):

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