Our Policies and Disclosure

Our blog policies here at The PinterTest Kitchen:

Affiliation with Pinterest

The PinterTest Kitchen is not affiliates with or sponsored by Pinterest or the Pinterest team. Everything here is fully created and owned by Sharon, Allison, and Jessica Boyer, unless otherwise noted.

Comment Policies

Our blog is a family-friendly, happy place to share ideas and make new friends! When commenting on any posts on The PinterTest Kitchen, please follow our rules:

  • Avoid profanity. We want entire families to be able to enjoy our site.
  • Be respectful of our writers and readers. Disagreeing is absolutely okay, but please no name-calling or otherwise attacking others.
  • Links within commends are okay if they have relevance to the post.
  • Use a name/screen name when leaving a comment, not keywords.

We reserve the right to remove comments not in the spirit of The PinterTest Kitchen community. By commenting on our site, you also give us the right to republish comments in future posts.

Review Policies

We follow all FTC rules regarding reviewing products on The PinterTest Kitchen. We always note when we receive a product for free, and regardless of whether the company sent us the product for review or we purchased it ourselves, our reviews are 100% honest. At The PinterTest Kitchen, you can’t buy a good review!

Affiliate Links

Many posts on this blog contain affiliate links, which means we get a small commission whenever you purchase the product after clicking our link. Affiliate links may also be found on our sidebar. You will not pay more by clicking on our affiliate link, nor will we ever recommend a product or service we don’t support simply to make a commission.


Most of the recipes we test and publish on The PinterTest Kitchen were not recipes we came up with. The entire concept here is to test out recipes that other people are pinning, so we try to follow the directions and ingredients as closely as possible. We’ll always include a link to the original pin so you can try it out as well, and our recipe at the end will include our notes, special directions, and other information, rather than simply being a copy/paste of the original. We respect copyright laws, and if you are a recipe’s original creator and have questions or concerns, please contact us at allisonmboyer-at-gmail.com.

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