Mini Brownie Candy Trifles

Mini Brownie Candy Triffles - Triple Chocolate Kitchen

Kitchen goodies always make an appearance under the Christmas tree in the Boyer household. This year Allison and I both received stackable cooling racks and frosting decorating kits, while Mom got a Nutri Bullet. Last year, our aunt gave Allison and I both Just Dessert Mini Bowls from Libbey. I thought I’d fill them for yummy treats for Christmas this year, so I started searching on Pinterest of course.

I came across several trifle recipes that looked interesting, but this one for a Toffee Brownie Trifle from Taste of Home caught my eye. It’s wasn’t too complicated, and I could easily make it my own. Instead of Heath Bars, I chose to make some with Reese’s Minis and some with Kit Kat Minis. I think they turned out pretty yummy and they went over pretty well at our family Christmas, too!

The PinterTest Kichen girls with their Libbey Just Desserts Mini Bowl Sets Christmas Presents

Allison and I with our new mini bowls at Christmas last year.

To make these mini treats, you’ll need: brownies, milk, instant vanilla pudding, instant white chocolate pudding, frozen whipped topping (thawed), and some of your favorite candy bars.

First, you’ll need to make some brownies. Cake like brownies are going to work the best for inside a mini trifle. You want to be able to cut them up into small pieces to make a layer in your dish. You can either use your favorite homemade brownie recipe or use a mix to save some time. I may have chosen the time saving option on this step… It’s called semi-homemade and I’m fine with that!

While your brownies are baking and cooling, chop up your candy into small pieces. Instead of actual candy bars, I choose to grab some bags of mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Kits Kats. They were much easier to cut so they still looked presentable! But you can choose whatever is your family’s favorite kind of candy.

Mini Brownie Candy Trifles Layers

When your brownies are cool, cut them up into pieces and make a layer on the bottom of each mini bowl. I have 12 bowls and an 8×8 pan of brownies gave me enough for all the bowls plus give a brownie for both my sister and her boyfriend after they tried sneaking pieces the whole time.

Next grab your milk, pudding mixes, and thawed whipped topping to make the next layer. Beat the pudding mixes and 2 1/2 cups of milk together for 2 minutes. Let the pudding stand for 2 minutes, then gently fold in the whipped topping.

Add a layer of the pudding mixture to each mini bowl.¬†Sprinkle some candy pieces on top and you’re done!

Mini Brownie Candy Trifles

If you don’t have mini bowls, you make a regular size trifle by making additional layers of brownie and the pudding mixture. Personally, I love these little individual trifles because you get a good amount, but don’t stuff yourself on dessert. For holiday meals, our family usually makes several different desserts and we all like to have a little of each instead of just one kind!

Mini Brownie Candy Trifles
Recipe type: Dessert
  • Brownies
  • 2½ cups of milk
  • 1 package of instant vanilla pudding
  • 1 package of instant white chocolate pudding
  • 2-3 candy bars
  1. Bake and cool brownies. When cool, cut into pieces and make a layer on the bottom of each mini bowl.
  2. In a large bowl, beat the pudding mixes and milk together for 2 minutes. Let the pudding stand for 2 minutes, then gently fold in the whipped topping. Add a layer to each mini bowl.
  3. Chop candy into small pieces. Sprinkle on top of each mini trifle.
  4. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


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