Magical Disney Kitchen Gifts for Every Budget


My sister and I are unapologetic Disney nerds. One of my earliest memories was a trip to Disney World when I was 5, and I make a point to go every few years. My last trip in 2014 was with Jess – I think we are due for another Disney vacation again soon!

Of course, my favorite time to go to Disney World is during their food and wine festival. I love trying little bits of delicious foods from around the world.

If a trip to Disney is out of your budget, you can bring the Disney magic to you and your fellow Disney lovers this year with a few Disney-themed gifts under the tree. We’ve put together a list specifically for those of you who love to be in the kitchen as much as we do. There are Disney kitchen gifts on this list for just about every budget.

Disney Kitchen Gifts Under $20

Micky Mouse Mug Warmer

Seriously, how cute is this mug warmer? I know that my coffee constantly gets cold before I finish the whole cup, so this would be the perfect gift for me. Plus, it comes with a Mickey mug. It’s less than $12 currently, and they have a Minnie version too. At that price, I say go for both!

Mickey Mouse Toaster

I love anything with a retro look to it like this toaster. Plus, not only does it look really cool on your kitchen counter, but it also prints your toast with little Mickey ears. How cute is that? It’s a steal at less than $20.

Disney Villain Mini Glass Set

Okay, Disney, how about calling these what they are… shot glasses! I could think of no better ladies to adorn my shot glasses than Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Ursula, and Cruella. You could even do Disney Villain themed mixed drinks to serve in them. Oh, the possibilities!

Mickey Cutting Board

You can never have too many cutting boards. This is a gift that will be well-used by anyone who spends time in the kitchen, and it won’t break the bank.

Mermaid Glasses

If you want something Disney-inspired that isn’t blatantly in-your-face Disney, how about these cool mermaid glasses? The double layer of glass helps keep your drink at the right temperature, so they are perfect for wine, whiskey, or chocolate milk. 🙂

Disney Villains Cupcake Kit

This is the perfect gift for anyone with kids who like to spend time in the kitchen. It comes with cupcake mix, frosting, piping bags, and cupcake aprons for decoration.

Mickey Mouse Sprinkles

These are great for anyone on your Christmas list who loves to bake. I’m always looking for cute sprinkles. They are red, white, and black, so you could use them for Christmas, but they aren’t so Christmas-y that you couldn’t use them throughout the entire year.

Disney Kitchen Gifts $20 – $50

Disney Pixar Slow Cooker

You can never have too many slow cookers. I love this slow cooker because it’s oval, which is much more convenient for fitting larger items like a whole chicken for my slow cooker roast chicken recipe. Plus, the dial is a little red rocket ship. Adorable!

Frozen Ice Cream Maker

Of course there would be a Frozen-theme ice cream maker. This bad boy has homemade ice cream ready for the whole family in just 20-40 minutes, no rock salt needed. In case you were wondering, they also make an Olaf snow cone maker. Are you really surprised?

Alice Triple Stack Mug

I totally own this mug and LOVE it. I know mugs aren’t necessarily the most interesting gift in the world, but this one is too cool to pass up. Anyone who loves Alice in Wonderland will love this mug!

Mickey Mouse Popcorn Popper

How fun would it be to have a Disney movie night and fire up this bad boy? You could even create a little gift basket for someone with this popcorn machine, some other movie snacks, and your favorite Disney movie.

Mickey Mouse Trivet

I love gifts that actually get used, instead of just collecting dust. Trivets are one of those kitchen items that you never seem to have enough of when you really need them.

Mickey Casserole Dish

I’m in love with these casserole dishes. They are a bit on the small side, but perfect if you are feeding 2-4 people. This is also a great dish to use for a side dish when you are going to a potluck and everyone is just taking a spoonful of everything.

Minnie Mouse Decorating Kit

This cake decorating kit comes with bows, cookie cutter letters and shapes, ribbons, and more. If someone on your Christmas list likes to bake cakes, this is a great gift option.

Disney Kitchen Gifts $50 – $100

Beauty and the Beast Sugar Bowl

For the true Disney lover, this sugar bowl is a must. It looks like it was plucked right from the movie. It won’t sing and dance, but it will look awesome in your kitchen.

Alice Triple Spout Teapot

Earlier on this list, I linked you to one of my favorite Alice mugs… this teapot make s a great companion present. It’s quirky and fun, but also functional. They also make Alice-themed tea, which I have sampled. It is delicious!

Enchanted Tiki Room Appetizer Tray

I simply cannot leave Disney World without going to the Enchanted Tiki Room. It is one of my favorite shows, so I am in love with this appetizer tray. It’s a little on the pricey side, but true Disney fans who love going to the parks will adore it.

Disney Princess Lemonade Set

Okay, maybe this isn’t good for your kids’ lemonade stand, since the pitcher and cups are all glass, but it’s perfect for serving some afternoon drinks to older kids or adults who love Disney princesses as much as I do. 🙂

Disney Kitchen Gifts $101+

Mickey and Minnie Cookie Jar

This vintage-inspired cookie jar is hand-cast and hand-painted, so yes, it is a little pricey, but if you want something really special for the Disney lover in your life this Christmas, check it out.

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