Join Us for #RecipeMakeover

New for 2017, #RecipeMakeover is a virtual event for food bloggers to share their love of better-for-you recipes. Join 30+ other food bloggers to share delicious recipes and co-host a giveaway filled with nutritious products to promote a healthier lifestyle.

We welcome blog of all sizes to participate. You can be based anywhere in the world, as long as your blog is written in English or has an easy English translation function. You do not have to blog 100% about health/nutrition to participate! The goal is to give your readers healthier alternatives.

Important Dates

  • March 1 – March 22: Sign up to participate in #RecipeMakeover!
  • March 22 – March 25: Sign up do sponsored posts (if you want to – this is optional).
  • March 25 – April 23: Plan, create, and photograph delicious, nutritious recipes and schedule posts to go live during the event.
  • April 24: Publish a “Welcome to #RecipeMakeover” post that includes a thank you to our sponsors and information about the #RecipeMakeover giveaway. We send you this information in early April, so it is just a matter of copy, paste, publish!
  • April 24 – 28: Publish at least 2 #RecipeMakeover recipes during the week in addition to your welcome/giveaway post (so, 3 posts total – or more!)

The Theme

This event focuses on recipes that use fewer ingredients like sugar and more ingredients like vegetables. We want to challenge you to create lighter, more nutritious recipes in categories like vegetarian/vegan, paleo, keto, gluten-free, low-calorie, seasonal, and diabetic-friendly.

#RecipeMakeover isn’t about about drastic, hard-to-follow diets. It’s about making healthier choices that fit into your lifestyle! We want to challenge you to “makeover” recipes that are not super nutritious.

Our sponsors will include health food products, but will NOT include diet pills, vitamins, weight loss programs, etc. We are focusing on whole food ingredients and products to help people make good food choices. Bloggers will receive a list of all sponsors and can opt out at that point if they are uncomfortable working with any of the sponsors.

Why Join?

#RecipeMakeover is a great way to…

  • …drive traffic to your blog. All #RecipeMakeover posts must include an inlinkz widget, so we can share the other posts being published that day. (Don’t worry – we’ll send you the code and instructions for getting the link-up to work on your blog.)
  • …meet other bloggers. We have a private Facebook group and also encourage bloggers to comment on other #RecipeMakeover posts and reach out to collaborate with one another in the future.
  • …build your social following. Readers have to follow bloggers on social media to earn an entry for the giveaway. Most bloggers see hundreds of new followers during the week.
  • …work with interesting products. Doing individual sponsored posts is completely option, but if you are interested in working with brands, you can the opportunity to receive some yummy products for this event.
  • …encourage your readers to try lighter recipes. Most people find that big lifestyle changes are too hard, but #RecipeMakeover is going to help your readers take small steps toward a healthier diet.

Ready to sign up? Here’s the form… and you can also email us at if you have any questions.


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