Join Us For #FoodBloggerLove

Food Blogger Love (#FoodBloggerLove) is an Valentine’s Day event for food and recipe bloggers around the world. The goal is to meet other food bloggers and spread a little love (and extra traffic as a bonus)!

We’ll all be posting Valentine’s Day themed recipes on February 11!

This is a non-sponsored event with no direct entry fee.

As your “fee” you must share the link to this sign-up page (Pick 1):

  • Tweet about it
  • Share on Facebook (page or profile, as long as it is public)
  • Share in a Facebook group other (sharing must be allowed by the admins, don’t spam!)
  • Post on a forum where other bloggers will see it (reddit, Food Blogger Pro, etc)
  • Publish a post about it on your blog

The Dates

Here’s how it works:

  • Jan 16: Sign-up deadline!
  • Feb. 11: Post your recipe.
  • Feb. 11 – 16: Promote your post and spread the love to the other bloggers participating via your favorite social media sites (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.) using the hashtag #FoodBloggerLove

The Post

This year, we have two posting options:

1. Simply post a Valentine’s Day themed recipe (anything heart-shaped, pink/red, decadent, etc.), add your link to our round-up, and promote your own post and other posts using the hashtag #FoodBloggerLove – This is the perfect option for those of you who want to participate, but are short on time.


2. Trade names with another blogger on the list, “secret santa” style and post a recipe that is specifically for that blogger – it can be a recipe from their blog, a recipe made with their favorite food, or a recipe recreated in their “style.” Your post should link back to the food blogger who’s name you got, and it should tell readers why they are so cool. The point here is to tell your readers why they should check out the other blogger’s site, and to give that blogger a little encouragement – and someone will do the same for you. 

In both cases:

  • the post must also include a link-up (don’t worry, we’ll send you the exact codes needed for this)
  • you must commit to sharing #FoodBloggerLove posts from at least 3 other bloggers on the list on Feb 11

Who Can Participate?

Here are the requirements:

  • You most post food and recipes at least occasionally. It’s okay if your entire blog isn’t dedicated to food.
  • If you plan to swap names with another blogger, you must have a food/recipe category or tag with at least 20 posts, so the blogger who gets your name has options. In this case, your blog must also be in English.
  • You are able to commit to the posting on February 11! Please schedule your post before noon EST.

That’s it! We encourage blogs of all sizes and from all over the world to participate. Let’s make this an awesome Valentine’s Day filled with love for our fellow food bloggers.

Sign up:

Thanks for signing up! Don’t forget to join our #FoodBloggerLove Facebook group if you aren’t already a member.

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