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In February 2013, I started out on this epic journey and moved to Norfolk, Virginia. I didn’t know anyone who lived in this area except my boyfriend, who left a week later on deployment. After I dropped him off at his ship and said a teary goodbye, I drove back to my brand new house in my brand new neighborhood and…

There was silence.

An empty house can make you feel so lonely, especially in the middle of winter. And to make matters worse, it was my birthday, and I was 300+ miles from everyone I knew.

Now, before you start to feel bad for me, you should know that this story has a happy ending. I made friends and got to know my neighbors. My boyfriend made it home safely from deployment.

And I found “my” supermarket.

apples at the grocery store

I know that sounds silly, but whenever I move, it never quite feels like home until I find an everyday supermarket that fits my needs – affordable pricing, great selection, fresh product, clean store, friendly employees, and near my house. When I moved to Norfolk, Virginia, Food Lion became my supermarket of choice, because it checked all of those boxes.

To this day, when I go grocery shopping, 9 times out of 10, I go to Food Lion.

So, when Food Lion was looking for bloggers to test out their new website, I jumped at the chance. I already love their stores, so of course I had a feeling that their website would be great – and I was right!

The cool thing is, they have a new recipe portal so you can get a little inspiration the next time you’re heading to the supermarket without a meal plan. What’s for dinner? Food Lion’s got you covered!

2015-07-23 18.29.01

I uploaded one of my very favorite recipes to their new recipe portal – Ham Pot Pie.

When I moved to Norfolk, good old Pennsylvania Dutch recipes like pot pie helped me from feeling completely homesick. It made everything a little better, just like comfort food is meant to do.

The recipe portal is extremely easy to use. You just fill out a simple form to list your ingredient, add the directions, and upload a picture. It’s a fun way to share your favorite family recipe with the entire world.

Plus, you can connect your MVP card (Food Lion’s store discount card) to your profile, which allows you to also save digital coupons via Food Lion’s site. Y’all know I love me some coupons!

PA Dutch Ham Pot Pie

Now, if you’ve never had true pot pie, you might be a little surprised to know that in Pennsylvania, pot pie isn’t made in a casserole dish with a crust. It’s more like a thick stew, which these huge, delicious, chewy noodles that puff up and made the broth thick, almost like a gravy.

It’s perfect for Food Lion’s recipe portal. Heck, it’s perfect for everything! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Pot pie is one of those dishes that everyone makes a little differently. I love ham, but you can also use chicken or turkey if you’d rather. My dad loves to load it up with pepper, and I have a friend whose family slices raw onions over the top when serving. I’ve also seen lots of variations on the noddle recipe…

But have to say, I think my family’s is the best. 🙂

You can get the full recipe right here on Food Lion’s recipe portal. The next time you’re having a rough day, whip up a pot of ham pot pie, and everything will get a little better.


And don’t forget to give the recipe portal a try yourself – upload your favorite family dishes or new creations so other Food Lion shoppers (myself included) can try them out!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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