Friday Frenzy Link Party #1: New Beginnings and Blogger Friends

Friday Frenzy

When I first started blogging here at The PinterTest Kitchen, one of my favorite ways to find new recipes, drive traffic, and connect with more bloggers was to join link parties.

For those of you who are not bloggers, a “link party” is simply a collection of links to awesome blog posts across the Internet. It’s like browsing the Pinterest board of your favorite blogger – you know you’re going to find good stuff!

Link parties have sort of fallen out of fashion over the last few years because they take a lot of time and effort to run. However, my friend Laura from Little House Big Alaska has been running a link party called “Friday Frenzy” for years, and she recently decided to revamp it and asked me (and several other food bloggers) to join her.

I love sharing tasty recipes and fun craft parties with you all, so I said YES! Now, every Friday, you can come to my blog to see recipes not only from me, but also from other food and craft bloggers around the world. And, if you are a blogger yourself, new or experienced, you can join in the fun.

I’m naming this Friday Frenzy #1 because it is the first revamped edition of the link party where myself and other bloggers are joining in the fun… but it is really not #1 because Laura has been keeping it going for many, many weeks. She is awesome.

Welcome to the Friday Frenzy, the Best Food and Craft Link Party on the Web. Why is it the best?

  1. Well when you link your favorite posts to the Friday Frenzy your posts will be seen across 9 blogs, for NINE TIMES the exposure.
  2. We ask all linkers to pin the featured posts of the week for even more exposure.
  3. Our host bloggers are all part of an inclusive and support group on Facebook, we welcome all bloggers big or small and we actively promote other bloggers, so bring on your best links.

Please Follow Your Hosts:

This week, our featured posts were picked by Laura from Little House Big Alaska!

Our first featured post this week comes from Julie of Cut Off in the Keweenah. Her American flag is made from Dollar Tree basket liners and a blank canvas, hello adorable! And easy because I NEED easy.

Dollar Store American Flag

Next up Kelly Lynn takes us back to high school with her French Bread Pizza. In her words “Oh…to have the metabolism of a 17-year old hahahaha.” I totally AGREE Kelly!

And finally some great Toddler Turkey Carrot and Apple Meatballs from Savory Moments. I don’t know about you but these look like they’d be great for anyone, anytime!

Turkey Carrot Apple Meatballs

What have you been up to this week? Why not leave a link and let us share your content? Don’t forget to pin the featured posts and visit your fellow bloggers as well.

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