Friday Frenzy #8: Raccoon Edition

OMG do I have a story for y’all today!

A few nights ago, we were sitting in the living room watching TV, and suddenly I heart this rumbling coming from under the house and suddenly….


A raccoon, y’all. In my living room!

Jeffrey and I just froze and I got stuck in a loop yelling “OH MY GOD, RACCOON! IT’S A RACCOON!” over and over. Jeffrey moved to scare it out the front door, but it dove back into the vent. I think it was more freaked out than we were. The cats were completely useless haha, they RAN into the other room and hid in the closet for the rest of the night.

We set heavy items on all the floor vents, but I definitely had a hard time falling asleep!

On the plus side… a critter catcher company came out, set a trap under the house, and caught the raccoon. On the downside… we have to wait for an HVAC company to come out to repair the damage, so in the meantime, no AC. We don’t want to run up the bill cooling the whole world through whatever holes the raccoon chewed into the ducts. Luckily, the highs are in the 70s this weekend, because the past few days in the 90s have been horrible.

So that’s how my week has been… how about you guys?


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This week’s Featured Posts

Hello friends! It’s Laura from Little House Big Alaska, I’m your host for this week’s Friday Frenzy. If you know me at all you know I LOVE thrift store scores and fun recycled projects. When I saw Joy’s GORGEOUS repurposed trays I just knew I had to pick them as one of my favorites. Joy from A Vintage Green has the BEST stenciling too, be sure to check her out!Patisserie turning tray


Oh wow check out these gorgeous Asian Sesame Fried Oysters. These come from the Bearded Hiker and just looking at them makes my mouth WATER. Maybe I’m just hungry for dinner but maybe it’s just that they look delish! I might just be making these for my next party.

Asian Sesame Fried Oysters

Well now that I’m planning a party we’ll need some Handmade Beer Bottle Tiki Torches. These come to us from Craft Beering, a site after my very own heart, I DO love beer. Anyway these torches are look fun and easy to make, and they’re a great way to recycle old bottles.


Obviously we’re going to need a dessert for this party and what better way to say HEY SUMMER than with this Cherry Graham Cracker Pie Frozen Custard? I mean really! This comes to us from Faith, Hope, Love and Luck--isn’t it gorgeous?!

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