Friday Frenzy #31: Busy January Edition

Jess here this week! Is it just me or is January just crazy and hectic has the holidays are? There’s decorations to clean up, presents to put away, and all the stuff you were too busy to get around to during the holidays. Plus my father’s birthday is in January, so I need to present shop… Plus I get SUPER busy this time of year prepping for events at my day job… plus 6 other tasks I’ve probably forgotten about and won’t remember until later today. Anyone else feel overloaded with things to do in January?

This time of year, I’ve found that the way to keep at it without getting stressed is to enjoy the little things. Yesterday I baked some chocolate chip cookies just to share with a friend and brighten their day. Last weekend I went out on the town with my younger cousin (because it was her last weekend home before heading back to school) and I didn’t think about all the things on the to-do list in my head the whole night. Earlier this week I sat down and watched an episode or two of my favorite TV show without my laptop open on my lap.

Little things to decompress do wonders when I have a busy schedule! What’s your trick to get through busy weeks?

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Hey guys! Micha here with this week’s features.

BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos¬†are one of my favorite things to order from barbeque joints. Thanks to Marilyn’s Treats I can make them at home.

Tumbleweed Contessa shares her Best Recipes of 2017. There are some especially yummy looking dishes that I want to try soon.

There is nothing quite like a loaf of homemade bread or homemade rolls. Karen’s Kitchen Stories is sharing her top bread recipes of 2017. I’m in love y’all.


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