Friday Frenzy #30: Snowed In Edition

As you already know if you read my post yesterday, I’m snowed in! Here in Norfolk/Virginia Beach, we got 8+ inches of snow, which has drifted to 2+ feet in some places thanks to our crazy wind. Honestly, I actually don’t mind getting snowed in when I don’t have anywhere to go, but Jeffrey has to work on Sunday, so I hope the roads clear up a little more by then. I hate that he has to be out on these roads, especially since he is from Alabama and not used to driving in the snow.

And here in Norfolk, the city has exactly 22 snow plows. That’s right… TWENTY-TWO. For the WHOLE city! They don’t even clear most roads.  You just have to wait for the snow to melt.

Back in Pennsylvania, that definitely wouldn’t fly!

Although I am happy we didn’t have to go anywhere over the last few days, Jeffrey has now missed two days of work because their facility has been closed. That’s all fine and dandy for someone working on salary, but he is hourly, and every day they are closed is another day not added to his paycheck. So needless to say… I hope we don’t get anymore big storms this winter!

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This Week’s Featured Posts

Hi everyone welcome to the FIRST Friday Frenzy of 2018! I’m Laura from Little House Big Alaska And I’m your host for this weeks link party. First up this week we have a hilarious post from Kelly of Kelly Lynn’s Sweets and Treats highlighting her baking fails of 2017. We all have mishaps and Kelly was brave enough to document AND share hers. Props to Kelly for making us ALL feel better.

baking fails

Next up a more serious post, Marilyn’s Treats brings us this lovely Apple Sauce Fruit cake. Mmmmm it looks so tasty!

Apple Sauce Fruit

And finally one more sweet treat for the week. An Apple Galette with Caramel Drizzle from Family Around the Table. Oh I love making these rustic free form pies!

apple galette with caramel drizzle

That’s it for this week. Please feel free to leave a couple of links to your best posts and be sure to pin the featured posts of the week.


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