Friday Frenzy #3: Getting Married Edition

This weekend, my sister Jessica is coming down from Pennsylvania to visit us in Norfolk, Virginia… and she’s coming for a very special reason…

Jeffrey and I are (finally) getting married!


We aren’t have a huge wedding. In fact, we aren’t having any wedding at all. We are going to the courthouse and having a reception later. (More details here if anyone is super interested.)

Jessica is coming down tomorrow to take photos that we can share at our reception, which is in Pennsylvania this August. I think Jeffrey is freaking out a little, haha! Not that he is getting cold feet, but he keeps saying, “I can’t believe that we’ll be married this time next week.” He also took off work on Wednesday so we can spend the day together, our first full day as husband and wife. Jeffrey isn’t really the sentimental type, but he said it was important to him to spend the day together, even though our reception and honeymoon aren’t happening until later this year. He’s so cute!

2016-07-02 17.39.28

For us, marriage won’t be a huge adjustment, since we already live together and have our finances combined, and I’ve decided not to change my name (at least for now). But there is something different in saying “husband” or “wife,” just like there was a difference going from “boyfriend/girlfriend” to “fiance.”

All this wedding planing has meant that I haven’t had as much time to post recipes, but next week is #CookoutWeek, so you’ll get a lot of yummy recipes from us! In the meantime, I want to see want to see what you are cookin’ up – drop your link below for FRIDAY FRENZY! This week’s features were picked by Rachel!

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Greetings! Rachel (AKA Tramplingrose) here this week. It’s officially summer now, so how ’bout some summer fun eats? Let’s start with a fun twist of my favorite thing about summer – Caprese salad. Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck brings us a Summer Caprese Shrimp Salad Roll that looks amazing (I live for everything Caprese!).

And wouldn’t these Baked Potato Fries from Hardly A Goddess be a great side for your next cookout?

And for dessert? How about Unicorn Poop Pretzel Rods, from Tumbleweed Contessa.

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist! 🙂 Don’t forget to show us what you’ve been up to this week!

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