Friday Frenzy #26: Job Hunting Edition

I had a great college experience. Despite not loving it the first year, mostly due to a bad roommate experience, by sophomore year, I was making friends and really loving my classes.

But do you know the one thing I do not miss at all about college?

That frenzy of job-hunting senior my last semester. Ugh. I just about break out in hives thinking about it. Easily one of the most stressful times of my life.

And I’ve (sort of) been thrust back into it… because right now, my hubby is job-hunting. He was in the military until 2014, at which point he went back to college to get his BS in biology. I’m so proud that he is graduating this month! But man, the job hunting is stressful.

He is super smart and a hard, dedicated worker, so I know he will land on his feet. And he does have a stop-gap job option at a local shelter until he finds something permanent. I try to remember that we are blessed compared to a lot of people, especially considering that we have been able to save up some money in anticipation of graduation and not finding a job immediately. Still, I am on edge and will feel a lot better when he finally gets an offer!

In the meantime, I’m making lots of comfortable food. Here’s this week’s Friday Frenzy:

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This Week’s Featured Posts

Hello and welcome to Friday Frenzy! This week I’m your host from Chef Sarah Elizabeth. I just love looking through all the submissions each week and getting so much inspiration. Here are my favorites from last week. Don’t forget to add your link below!

Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Cheesecake from Read Eat Repeat. I have been ordering the salted caramel mocha from Starbucks lately, and this sounds like it’ll be just as rich and tasty.

Chocolate Dipped Rudolph Marshmallows from Cooking With Carlee. You definitely need a festive treat this time of year!

Knit Baby Dress from Lilia Craft Party. How adorable is this little dress?! I am not much of a knitter, but my sister in law is, and I think I’ll be sending some patterns her way…

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2 thoughts on “Friday Frenzy #26: Job Hunting Edition

  1. The job hunting process is extremely stressful. It is hard on the self esteem, breeds anxiety and worry and makes it hard to feel completely “relaxed.” Best of luck to your husband, and try to to compartmentalize so you aren’t thinking about it all the time. Comfort food is a great solution:)

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