Friday Frenzy #22: Catch a Break Edition

Seriously, doesn’t it sometimes seems like you just can’t catch a break?

This week was filled with minor annoyances like tech not working like it should, losing work half-way through a draft, etc. Nothing major, just all annoying stuff to make my life harder.

And then… Thursday, I’m on the phone with my mom, when I see Jeffrey calling me. Someone rear-ended him on his way to work!

They admitted fault and were very apologetic, and we are super thankful that no one was hurt, but now we have the hassle of dealing with insurance, which is my very favorite thing in the world.

Plus, he missed a day of work and a day of classes. Awesome.

Well, at least our vehicle isn’t under several feet of water…

It’s been a “bad luck” week, so I’m going to take that to mean that next week is going to bring some good luck!

On to Friday Frenzy!

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This Week’s Featured Posts

Hey, guys! Micha from Cookin’ Mimi here with my favorite posts from last week.
Hey, guys! Micha from Cookin’ Mimi here with my favorite posts from last week.

Potato Salad is not just for summer. Easy Pressure Cooked Southern Potato Salad from MelClaire would be great any day. If you have an electric pressure cooker and haven’t used it for potatoes, you’re missing out.

It’s definitely soup weather here and Virginia Ham and Bean Chowder from Faith, Hope, Love, and Luck would be just the thing for supper.

I am unabashedly one of those people. You know the ones that as soon as the clock strikes midnight on November 1st turns into Buddy the Elf. I’ve already got my Christmas music playlist going. We don’t put decorations or the tree until the day after Thanksgiving but I get in heavy duty planning mode in November. Especially when it comes to what goodies I’m making.

Peanut Butter Fudge To Die For from Back to My Southern Roots is on my list for this year because PB Fudge is my favorite.

I cannot wait to see all the amazing posts you guys share this week.

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