Friday Frenzy #19: New Orleans Edition

As Jess mentioned in the last Friday Frenzy post, Jeffrey and I were on our honeymoon last week. We actually got married back in June and had the reception in August, but had to wait until October for the honeymoon because of his school schedule.

We kept our location a secret from everyone, but the cat’s out of the bag now… we went to New Orleans!

I know that New Orleans isn’t the most traditional place for a honeymoon, but we are not a traditional couple. We wanted to travel somewhere we’ve never been, and we wanted to go to a city rather than a tropical beachy location. Since we’d be traveling in October, we also didn’t want to head north, in case the weather would be too cold.

We had an amazing time!

Our hotel was in the French Quarter, just a few blocks from Bourbon street, which must be one of the craziest streets in the world. ūüôā

2017-10-08 20.52.02

We had amazing food, including stopping at Cafe du Monde twice for beignets. This cafe has been around since 1862 and is open 24/7 whenever you need a coffee and beignet fix.

2017-10-06 22.11.59

We went to the Audubon zoo, aquarium, and insectarium. We fed the parakeets and giraffes, and walked through the butterfly garden.

2017-10-08 11.30.16

We did a walking voodoo history tour, which was super interesting and probably my favorite thing we did. We also went to the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, which was exactly as kooky and disturbing as you think it might be. They have everything there from bottles of medicines to old vaccinations to a complete history of ophthalmology.

2017-10-07 12.25.44

Oh, and of course, we went on one of the cheesy swamp tours just outside the city.

2017-10-06 14.39.33

The weather was pretty good while we were there, despite being under threatened by Hurricane Nate. In the end. the hurricane kind of fell apart, and we only got a few bands of heavy rain. Jeffrey and I happened to be walking back to the hotel during one of those heavy bands, and we got completely soaked, but sometimes you just have to laugh about these things. We ducked into a candy shop to get out of the rain and ended up getting some delicious chocolate pralines to take back to the room.

We can’t wait to go back. New Oreleans is definitely our kind of city.

But now… back to the real world! On to Friday Frenzy!

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Thanks to everyone who links up every week! I can’t wait to see what you guys link up this week! XOXO

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