Friday Frenzy #18: Substitute Edition

Jess here this week… Usually Allison’s here to start the frenzy, but she’s currently on her honeymoon at a top secret location! She and Jeffrey are trying to unplug as much as possible on their trip. They haven’t even told anyone where they have gone… except me (in case of an emergency) and I’m keeping my lips sealed. *Insert evil laugh here*

So I’m filling in this week. Speaking of substitutes… I’m not one to substitute ingredients very often when I’m baking. But there’s one ingredient I never have on hand and always substitute… Buttermilk.

Seriously, who ever has buttermilk on hand? I also live in a very rural area. The closest grocery store is 15-20 minutes away and requires driving over a mountain.

Photo Jul 22, 11 49 06 AM

Pennsylvania mountains are beautiful but make driving a bit more difficult in winter weather!

Here’s an easy substitute for buttermilk: For a cup of buttermilk, put a tablespoon of white vinegar into a measuring cup. Pour milk into the measuring cup until it measures one cup. Stir and let sit for 5 minutes before using in recipe. Don’t have white vinegar? Use lemon juice. Don’t have lemon juice either? Use 1 3/4 teaspoon cream of tartar instead.

Ta da! You now have a buttermilk substitute. Ok, on to the Friday Frenzy!

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Hey Everybody! Chef Sarah Elizabeth here bringing you this week’s Friday Frenzy. It’s FALL! I love fall and everything it brings. Pumpkins, warm tones, cool weather, sweaters, cozy evenings with fires and blankets. I live in Southern California so I don’t get to experience actual fall. We are having some slightly cooler weather in the mornings lately, but by 3:00pm it is already back up to 80F. We’re going apple picking this weekend, I’ve already decorated our house for Halloween, and we sit in the air conditioned coffee shop when we want to enjoy the hot fall beverages (PSL anyone?!) Okay Okay, enough with my love of fall. Here are my completely fall biased picks for this week’s Friday Frenzy.

Pumpkin Spice Caramel Corn from Savory Moments. Caramel Corn is already so fallish in my book, so adding pumpkin spice just ups it to next level fall. This will make a great snack for our 1.5 hour drive to apple picking!

Pumpkin Spice Caramel Corn from Savory Moments

Boo-terscotch M&M Cookies from Kelly Lynn’s Sweets and Treats. First of all, how cute is that name?! Secondly, gimme a whole batch of these please!

Booterscotch M&M Cookies from Kelly Lynn's Sweets and Treats

Pumpkin Chocolate Whoopie Cookies from Faith Hope Love and Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice. I love how these photos are styled with a skeleton! The recipe certainly sounds delicious, too.

Pumpkin Chocolate Whoopie Cookies from Faith Hope Love and Luck Survive

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Jessica is a co-founder here at The PinterTest Kitchen. She also works doing graphic design and marketing for Pine Creek Structures and does freelance graphic work in her free time.

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