Friday Frenzy #17: #88lbsofsugar Edition

In just a few weeks, we’ll be celebrating #Choctoberfest – our third annual celebration of chocolate recipes. This year, we have over 70 bloggers signed up to join us! So if you love chocolate… get ready for 200+ recipes you’re going to want to try.

Our gold sponsor is Imperial Sugar again this year. For the past few years, they have been supporting the bloggers of this event by sending out 40 pounds of white sugar to use in creating our recipes.

This year, they really outdid themselves and also sent out 24 pounds of brown sugar and 24 pounds of powdered sugar. Yes, that’s right… participating bloggers got shipments of 88 POUNDS OF SUGAR. Someone started the hashtag #88lbsofsugar on Instagram, which cracks me up because the piles of sugar are so hilarious!

Imperial Sugar Collage

My sister and mom also got 88 lbs of sugar… so between the three of us, we got 264 pounds of sugar. Holy moly!

Our neighbors love us because of course we are sharing. And I’ve already dug into my sugar and have been testing out some recipes for #Choctoberfest. There’s chocolate apple pie baking in the oven as we speak. 🙂

Friday Frenzy time!

Friday Frenzy Graphic

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This Week’s Featured Posts

Hi everyone! It’s Melissa from MelClaire and I’m so excited that it’s my turn to write the post for this week. The summer has already or is coming to a close for most of you, but for me, it’s still so hot, I can’t even imagine that fall will ever arrive. The Southern US is notorious for warm weather, but this year, I can’t even feel the hint of a cool breeze like I normally can this time of year. But school is back in session and it’s “officially” fall, so I won’t let a little thing like 90 degree temperatures stop me from dreaming!

We had so many great, fantastic posts added to the party last week and I had a lot of fun picking my favorites. As you can imagine, they all kinda remind me of this time of year and you may just see a pattern! Anyway, I hope your fall is going great and wonderful! Thanks for joining us for the party again this week. You are the best!!!

What says fall better than Halloween? I love to see an original and different way to present candy to all the little goblins and zombies. This idea is so stinking cute and I just love it. I will be making these to hand out at my house this year. Check out the post and get your own Biohazard Candy Tag Printable right here!


Biohazard Candy Tag Printable

I always find some of the best recipes from Carlee at Cooking with Carlee. This cheesecake is no exception. I have not tried it yet, but I absolutely plan to and it’s the perfect fall food, don’t you think? Caramel, pecans, cheesecake? Mmmmmmmm. It looks so good!! Check out the recipe Kathy’s Caramel Pecan Cheesecake right here!


Caramel Pecan Cheesecake

I love anything with a peanut sauce and this recipe from Crafting a Family looks so good. Yet another on my list of recipes to try very soon. Doesn’t it look delicious? You can find the recipe for Spicy Zucchini Noodles and Peanut Lime Sauce right here.

Spicy Peanut Lime Zucchini Noodles

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One thought on “Friday Frenzy #17: #88lbsofsugar Edition

  1. That sugar is crazy! I am so excited to get baking. (actually my first recipe is in the oven now and I hope to have another going this weekend!!!) Thank you so much for all of your hard work, for the party and of course for the feature!

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