Friday Frenzy #13: Bug Out Edition

The horrible devastation happening in Texas right now has been a reminder to me and Jeffrey… we need to make a bug out bag.

I had one when I lived in Alexandria (outside of DC), in case I needed to get out of town quickly. When I moved, it got dismantled, and I just have been lazy about recreating it.

But it is super important to have a survival bag you can just pick up and throw in the car if you need to leave in a hurry. The fact of the matter is… Norfolk, Virginia (where we live) could easily be hit by a devastating hurricane and see massive flooding just like Houston. Our street sits up a little higher, so normally we don’t deal with flooding like other parts of the city, but a huge storm would wipe us out.

So, this week, we are making a bug out bag – a single bag we can grab if we don’t have time to pack properly. Here’s what we are putting in it:

  • Copies of all our important documents – social security cards, marriage license, passports, etc. (The actual documents are kept safe elsewhere, since our bug out bag isn’t fireproof).
  • Bottles of water
  • Non-perishable snacks (like granola bars)
  • Enough supplies for our two cats for a few days, plus copies of their records
  • First aid kit
  • Travel sized toiletries and a small mirror
  • A change of clothing, plus extra socks and underwear
  • Phone chargers
  • Maps for Virginia and surrounding states
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • $50 in cash, plus a roll of quarters
  • Pocket knife and multi-tool
  • Aluminum foil
  • Trash bags
  • Safety pins
  • Duct tape
  • List of phone numbers
  • A few family pictures

We also always keep a additional bottles of water and some blankets in our car (along with a standard car care kit) in case there is an emergency.

I know there is more we could add to this kit, but it is a start. We have also discussed where we would go and how we would get there if we ever have to evacuate, keeping in mind that millions of other people will probably be trying to evacuate too. It’s good to have a plan. Both Jeffrey and I agree that if they are calling for a voluntary evacuation, we are heading out before it turns mandatory. Better safe than sorry!

No matter where you live, I hope that you consider making a bug out bag too. Even if it is just a start (like ours), it can really help you get on the road quickly if you need to leave. I hope it will be a safety net that you never have to use.

And now… it’s time for Friday Frenzy!

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This Week’s Featured Posts

Hey guys, Micha here with this week’s amazing features. I’ve looked forward to my week since July because I knew there would be tons of fabulous posts to choose from and you guys didn’t disappoint.

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