Friday Frenzy #11: Full House Edition

Right now, I’m in Pennsylvania for a wedding reception. My wedding reception, in fact! Jeffrey and I got married back in June, but because we live so far away from most of our friends and family, we wanted to have a big party that everyone could attend.

I’m staying at my parent’s house, and there are seven people sleeping here tonight. There are another three people at my sister’s house. So this is definitely the full house edition of Friday Frenzy!

Let me give you a few tips on how to survive the cramped quarters with house guests, especially when you’re combining families that have not met one another yet:

  • Think “simple” when it comes to food. Sandwiches, pizza, etc. Then, set it up buffet-style, using paper plates. No stress, minimal mess.
  • Make sure everyone sticks to a showering schedule. My parents have two bathrooms here, but it is an old house, so you can’t have both showers running at the same time – someone will get cold water. 🙂 Establish when people like to get showers (night/morning) and what time people like to shower, so you can make sure everyone has hot water.
  • Remember that it will come to an end. Sometimes, personalities clash. We are lucky that we have a family who gets along well! But if that is not the case, don’t stress too much. Guests don’t stay forever.

Okay, on to Friday Frenzy…

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This Week’s Featured Posts

Welcome to another episode of Friday Frenzy, and this time I get to host! Yay! Chef Sarah Elizabeth here, and this week I get to choose my favorites!

Applesauce Barley Infant Cereal Mini Muffins from Savory Moments Blog. Henry is a great eater, and I am always looking for easy things to make and keep on hand. These muffins look like the perfect snack or breakfast that I know he’ll love!
Applesauce barley infant cereal mini muffins from Savory Moments Blog

Travel Game Printable from Kandy Kreations. We recently went on a short road trip and having plenty of games and activities was a must!
Summer Travel Game by Kandy Kreations

Mocha Frosted Coffee from Read Eat Repeat. I love chocolate! And I looooove coffee! Pair the two together into an icy cold beverage and I am all over that!
Mocha Frosted Coffee from Read Eat Repeat

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