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The PinterTest Kitchen is PR-friendly, and we love telling our readers about brands and products they will enjoy. We primarily work with brands in the food & drink niche, but have also collaborated with brands in other industries. Here is a small sampling of the sponsored posts we’ve done in the past:

For sponsored posts, we typically develop a unique recipe to promote your product or brand messaging, but we have also reviewed products and restaurants, posted brand-developed recipes, and published videos.

In addition to sponsored blog posts, we also work with brands on sponsored social messages on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Why Work with The PinterTest Kitchen?

We know you have a ton of work to do for your brand or your clients’ brand; we keep our working relationships quick and easy! After coming to an agreement and receiving your product (when relevant), we post within the agreed upon timeframe, promote the post on social media, and send you all the links, so you never have to follow up with us to wonder where you can find your post.

When we love a product, we don’t just promote it once and forget about it. We schedule social promotion for your sponsored post again and again so you continue to reach new readers weeks, months, and years later. We give honest recommendations for your product when it makes sense.

How many people can you expect to reach with  your sponsored post or social promotions? Here are our stats, as of Jan 2017:

  • Blog Pageviews: ~20,000 per month
  • Instagram Followers: ~9400
  • Pinterest Followers: ~7300
  • Twitter Followers: ~3200
  • Facebook Page Likes: ~3100

We promote all of our sponsored posts on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook at least once immediately, and periodically throughout the following year.

If you are looking to reach more readers in a single campaign, check out our “Events” information below, where you can reach up to 15 million readers for one fee.


Who Are Our Readers?

  • 90% female
  • 50% age 35 – 54, 20% age 25-34, 20% age 55 – 64 (so, in total, 90% of our readers are age 25 – 64)
  • 90% located in the United States and Canada

In general, at least half of our readers have children living at home, and almost all of them are looking for quick and easy meals and tasty treats to prepared for their families. Our readers appreciate healthy alternatives to traditional unhealthy ingredients, but also love indulgent recipes for special occasions. Many of our readers come to our website to find recipes for holidays, family gatherings, tailgating, cookouts, birthdays, and other events.

What Sponsorship Options Are Available?

  • Sponsored Posts
    • BASIC PACKAGE: With the basic package, we create an original recipe to promote your brand or product, and we promote it at least once each on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Posts include at least one photograph that shows your product with the recipe and at least one link back to your website or social account of choice. Investment: $200
    • PREMIUM PACKAGE: In addition to creating an original recipe to promote your brand or product, with our premium package, we can accommodate special requests, such multiple photographs, multiple links, special brand messaging, extra social promotion, hosting a giveaway, etc. Investment: Email us the details for a quote!
    • REVIEW PACKAGE: We’ll review your product, service, or restaurant on our blog and promote the post on social media. This is similar to our basic package, but does not include an original recipe, only a review. Investment: $100
    • BRAND RECIPE PACKAGE: Do you have a recipe already created that you’d like us to promote? This package is for you. We’ll publish it, as well as give you the same social promotion you’d get with the basic package. Please note: You must include at least 3 high-quality photos with your recipe. Investment: $100
  • Sponsored Instagram Shoutouts: Post will include a photo of your product with your Instagram handle tagged and a caption that encourages people to follow your Instagram account for more information, as well as a coupon code for your product if you’d like to offer one. Our caption also encourages people to click the link in our profile, which we change to go to your website (homepage or an internal page) for a minimum of 24 hours. We also include a minimum of 15 hashtags with every post, and can include up to 3 branded hashtags at your request. Investment: $25 per post or 3 for $60
  • Sponsored Twitter Shoutouts: You can send us the exact tweet you’d like us to use, or we can come up with one for you. Sponsored tweets must include #ad before any link included in the tweet. Investment: $10 per tweet or 3 for $25

Please note: you can also send us products for review without paying the sponsorship fee, but we cannot guarantee that we will promote them. We receive dozens of products every year, and unless you pay for a sponsored post, we may or may not write about them. We do write about products we absolutely love, as well as mention them in recipe posts when relevant. Again, we cannot guarantee that we will mention your products unless you pay for a sponsored post or shoutout!


Event Sponsorship

Throughout the year, we run a number of virtual events where food bloggers from across the country (and sometimes even around the world!) team up to post recipes and promote products about a specific theme. Because so many bloggers are working together for these virtual events, we reach anywhere from 5 to 15 million readers through our blogs and social accounts.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our events, check out this page to see our upcoming event themes, dates, and sponsorship opportunities.


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