Feast of the Seven Fishes Recipes

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Our family isn’t Italian, nor are with Catholic, but I absolutely love the Feast of the Seven Fishes tradition. I was first introduced to this through my ex-boyfriend’s mother, who is both Italian and Catholic. In their culture, you eat copious amounts of seafood on Christmas Eve. According to Wikipedia, “the traditional Biblical number for divinity is three, and for Earth is four, and the combination of these numbers, seven, represents God on Earth, or Jesus Christ.” So, eating seven different kinds of seafood on Christmas Eve is a celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Need some recipe ideas for your own feast of the seven fishes? Here’s one of our favorites:

I also wanted to link up to some other awesome seafood recipes from other food bloggers:

What’s your favorite seafood recipe? Leave the link (or full recipe) in the comments below!

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