DIY Windowpane Christmas Cards

We love to make our own cards here in the Boyer household. Actually, when I was younger, I used to spend much of my free time making cards and even selling them at local craft fairs! These days, I’ve retired from card-making as a business, but I do still enjoy sending handmade cards instead of store-bought cards, especially around the holidays.

For me, holiday cards have to meet two requirements: easy to make in bulk, but still beautiful! These cute windowpane cards definitely fit the bill.

Inspiration for these windowpane holiday cards was from this pin, where the person used embossed papers. Unfortunately, that pin doesn’t lead to a project page (I hate it when that happens!!!), but I was able to do my own variety for this project.

To make this card, you’ll need three colors of paper (two that are tones of one another like the white/gray I used and one that is a bolder color that stands out like the red I used), ribbon in a coordinating color, holiday stamps, ink in a coordinating color, scissors (or a paper cutter), and glue.

Start by taking one of your papers and stamping it. If you want your card to look like mine, you’ll want to use an ink that is a little darker than the paper you’re using, but still subtle. You could also use contrasting colors for a completely different look!

As you can see, I just gave each design it’s own section of paper.

Next, cut squares featuring each design. There should be enough room to cut squares to make several cards. Clue them onto the front of your card (made from your second sheet of paper) in a window-looking pattern.

Pre-bought cards also work fine here if you don’t want to fold your own!

Next, you’ll need a stamp with some kind of greeting or holiday quote. I used a simply “Merry Christmas” stamp. Stamp this onto a piece of paper and glue to coordinating papers to create a matted effect.

I stamped on white and then matted in gray and red.

Lastly, glue this onto the card (I used pop-up dots for a 3D effect), and add a ribbon in the corner. The ribbon I used was the same shade of red as the paper for the mat, so it tied everything together.

You could also stamp something inside the card or simply leave it blank for a handwritten note.

I also made a few variations of this card:

Here are all three cards together, with slightly better lighting:

Hope you enjoy this project! Tell us with a comment: do you make your own holiday cards?

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