Cute Band Aid Get Well Card

get well cardA few weeks ago, our cousin took a nasty spill at work and ended up in the hospital. It’s always a scary situation when a bump on the head is involved, but luckily he was discharged after a few days with only bruises and a lost tooth. Since I live in Virgina and he lives in Pennsylvania, I couldn’t stop by to see how he was doing, but I definitely wanted to send him a card with a note about how happy I was to hear that he was out of the hospital.

What better place to look for card-making inspiration than Pinterest?After snooping around a little, I ended up on Jennifer McGuire Ink, where I found this get well card, which I absolutely love.

I decided to make my own interpretation of this card – and to show you all how I did it! This is going to be a pretty quick post because it’s really simple.

get well card steps

I decided to use green, since this was a card for a 23-year-old male. It’s hard to see in the picture, but it’s a textured card rather than having a stamped background like the card I used for inspiration.

Step one was to cute a strip from the front so I could do an overlay effect. You want the front of the card to be smaller than the back. I also cut a small strip of lighter green from another piece of paper and glued it to the front of the card. This simply adds some extra visual interest. I love my Fiskars paper cutter (you can see it in the background of the left-hand picture above). I also have their circle cutter, which I love.

Next, you need to make the band aids. If you have a rubber stamp for them, great! Unfortunately, I do not, but this is a pretty simple design. I cut two long ovals from light brown paper. Then, I used a pen to draw two vertical lines near the center (where the “pad” of a band aid would be). I finished by drawing tiny circles on the two ends.

You don’t have to make this perfect! The imperfect look gives it a homey-looking shabby chic style.

I glued the band aids to the card, making one of them hang over the edge a little. Then, to add a little more visual interest and tie it all together, I added little green squares and hearts to the band aids.

Lastly, I wrote “get well soon” on a strip of white and added this at the bottom. you could use a rubber stamp or stickers for this if you don’t have good penmanship.

Easy-peasy and I was really happy with the final look!

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6 thoughts on “Cute Band Aid Get Well Card

  1. Very Nice! I want to get back into doing cards. I have been collecting postcards and I send those out, but it is always nice to get something in the mail. Thanks for getting me a little more motivated!

    • I *try* to send out at least one card a month. It doesn’t really happen that often, but at least with that goal I do a few every year! It’s so exciting to get real mail. 😀

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