Chocolate Coffee Pie

chocolate coffee pieToday’s post is a short one, but I wanted to tell you all about an amazingly yummy recipe I stumbled upon because I’m a horrible planner.

I didn’t have milk in the fridge. Or, well, not enough milk for the recipe I wanted to make. I was forced to improvise and the result was amazing. This pie recipe was too good to keep for myself.

Sometimes, accidents are pretty happy!

So, let’s talk about how to make chocolate coffee pie and how I came up with this recipe!

I love chocolate pudding pie. It was one of my favorite recipes as a child, and when I grew up I began to love pudding pie even more because of how darn easy it is to make. If you’ve never made a pudding pie before, you simply mix up some instant pudding (Jello brand is best), dump in a graham cracker crust, and top with cool whip once it’s set. Yum!

The other night, I was craving something chocolatey, and I had pudding mix, cool whip, and a pie crust, so I decided to mix up a pudding pie.  One problem: After dumping in the first 1/2 cup of milk, I realized that I was almost out of milk. I didn’t have enough for the pie.

By that time, it was dark, and let’s be honest, I already was in PJ pants and bra-less. There was no way I was going to the store.

I had some milk powder in the pantry from making homemade dog treats and was going to mix some up to complete the recipe…but then I realized I had some International Delight Vanilla Iced Coffee in the fridge. I’m pretty obsessed with it, especially now that they have a light version. And I thought to myself, “Hey…that’s milk-y…”

So, I used about 1/2 cup of milk and then used iced coffee for the rest of the milk called for in the recipe. I was worried it might not set up correctly, but it did…and YUM. The result was a creamy chocolate pudding pie with just a hint of vanilla and coffee flavors. The cool whip I have was vanilla-flavored as well, so it complemented the pie perfectly!

coffee chocolate pie

If you like coffee and chocolate, I definitely recommend trying out this version of the traditional chocolate pudding pie recipe. I think it might even be fine to use all iced coffee instead of part milk and part iced coffee, and International Delight makes a few different flavors so you could try other combinations as well.

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