Recipe Round-Ups

200+ Decadent Chocolate Recipes from #Choctoberfest 2016!

Choctoberfest 2016 was a huge success! Today, I wanted to share with you all of the delicious recipes our awesome bloggers created for the event! Brownies Caveman Mocha Chocolate Brownies from Moore or Less Cooking Chewy Cocoa Brownies from Restless Chipotle Chocolate Brownie Ghosts from The Freshman Cook Chocolate Cherry Cafe Brownies from Bottom Left […]

Cookout Recipes for Your Next Summer BBQ

#CookoutWeek is a wrap here at The PinterTest Kitchen, but we’ll be trying out yummy cookout recipes all summer long. Nearly 50 other bloggers from across North America joined us for #CookoutWeek earlier this month, and we posted over 130 yummy recipes. Here’s the entire collection so you can taste-test them yourselves: Grilled/Smoked Chicken Grilled […]

Irish You Were Here! St. Patrick’s Day Party Recipes

Like I mentioned in my last post, we host a huge St. Patrick’s Day party every year, because my neighborhood does a big block party and parade. No a little dinky parade either. We’re talking several hours of marching bands, step dancers, floats, and more. The parade route is over a mile long and thousands […]

35+ Pink & Red Valentine’s Day Desserts

Valentine’s Day weekend is finally upon us! Jeffrey and I are having a low-key weekend at home, but I something kind of fun this year. Every year, I make him some kind of yummy dessert for Valentine’s Day, and usually I just let him choose something from the blog or one of my Pinterest boards. […]

50+ Drool-Worthy White Chocolate Cookie Recipes

My sister Jess is a HUGE fan of white chocolate. She must take after our dad, who also loves it. So, I decided to do a recipe round-up that would make her drool and post as many white chocolate cookie recipes as I could find! These white chocolate cookies would ALL be great for your […]

#Choctoberfest 2015 Roundup (with Rescue Chocolate!)

Wow, #Choctoberfest 2015 went by so fast… and I now have hundreds of new chocolate recipes to taste-test. A special thank you to two groups of people: First, our sponsors… they made this entire event possible! Second, the bloggers who took part by posting their favorite chocolate recipes this past week. Without them, there would […]

What’s for Dinner: June 2015 Meal Plan (Plus a #HotSummerEats Giveaway!)

It’s June! When I was a child, I remember LOVING June 1, because it meant that school would be out soon. I liked school and was generally a good student, but June meant Girl Scout Camp and swimming and filling my tote bag with books from the library. I miss having an entire summer of […]

What’s for Dinner: May 2015 Meal Plan

I love the month of May, because it means we’ve completely made it through winter. Yay! We did it! February and March were certainly beasts and even April was a jerk this year. So May, you better not mess this up. We’re counting on you for some nice weather (finally)! This month’s meal plan includes […]

What’s for Dinner: April 2015 Meal Plan

We can all breathe a sigh of relief, because April Fool’s Day is (nearly) over once again. Did you get pranked today? What isn’t a joke is the meal plan this month. It is packed with yumminess! That’s a word, right? Yumminess. Well, it is now! Speaking of words, I started Camp NaNoWriMo today, which […]

What’s for Dinner: February 2015 Meal Plan

We’re back with another meal plan! Can you believe that 2015 is already 1/12th over? I’m still writing 2014 everywhere, and it’s February. At least I got my Christmas decorations down in a timely fashion this year. One year, I actually contemplated just taking the ornaments off the tree and decorating it for Valentine’s Day, […]

What’s for Dinner: December 2014 Meal Plan

Happy December, fellow taste-testers! Last month, we departed a bit from our monthly meal plan to post a month’s worth of apple recipes, but today we’re back with a brand new meal plan for December. You’ll notice something a bit out 0f character with this meal plan, though – not only does every day feature […]

The Ultimate List of Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes

Once upon a time, I didn’t like stuffing. I know. I thought it was just warm, slightly soggy bread. But since those dark ages, I’ve learned to really enjoy stuffing. I even occasionally make it without Stovetop’s help. This year, I’m hosting an “orphan” Thanksgiving. We live in a military town and a lot of […]

An Apple (or Two) a Day – 60+ Sweet & Savory Yummy Applelicious Recipes

Usually, around the first of the month, I post a meal plan to give you lots of yummy ideas for those nights when you just don’t know what to make for dinner. This month, I wanted to try something a little different. I know, I know, pumpkin spice everything is invading our lives. And hey, […]

What’s for Dinner: October 2014 Meal Plan

You know, doing these meal plans every month has become one of my favorite blogging tasks. A few months ago, when I started, I thought it would just be a fun way to organize the recipes I want to try. But being able to connect with and promote other food bloggers has been awesome! I […]

What’s for Dinner: September 2014 Meal Plan

Can you believe that tomorrow is Labor Day already? Doesn’t it feel like we were just dusting off the grill for the first burger of the summer last week? Last month’s meal plan included a ton of grill-friendly recipes. This month, we’re going back to school, so I’m focusing on meals that make great left-overs […]

15 Perfect Labor Day Recipes

I’m in denial about the end of summer. I know that most people in the US consider Labor Day to be the unofficial start of fall, but since I live in Southern Virginia where the whether tends to stay warmer longer, I say that it is still summer until October 1. At least. At least […]