Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Tips

4-Ingredient Homemade Dog Treats

Last week while browsing through Pinterest I came across a pin for homemade dog treats. Normally, I’d skip over a recipe like this since I don’t have a dog (I’m generally not a pet person). But one of my closest friends just added a new German Shepherd puppy to the¬†family, in addition to the two […]

Freezing Your Extra Vegetables (Plus, How I Get My Green Beans Freezer Ready)

Do you have a garden that is producing more vegetables than you can use at the moment? If you extra space in your freezer start freezing the vegetables. I pinned a site that offers hands on pictures and instructions. It also has instructions for freezing fruits and also for canning fruits and vegetables too. Take […]

How to Clean Leeks

Today, I made a recipe with leeks for the first time. It’s one of those ingredients that I always walk past in the grocery store because I wasn’t sure how to use it. But I’ve always been curious. So, the other day when I saw them on sale, I picked up a bundle on a […]

5 Simple Substitutions that Improve Almost Any Recipe

This is a sponsored guest post written by Judy Long from Cooking can be a fun and rewarding hobby for anyone who can faithfully follow a recipe. However, following recipes without variation can get a little tedious. It’s tempting to put your own spin on dishes and surprise your guests a little with your […]

I Bake For Major Life Events… Pull Apart Engagement Ring Cupcakes

Somehow I always end up baking when someone has a major life event. When I was in college and it was someone’s birthday, I’d hand them my recipe book and tell them to pick something out. I was the girl that always brought brownies to movie night. My college friends STILL request my mini sticky […]

Duck Dynasty Party! My 10 Favorite Food Quotes from the Robertson Clan

Anyone else excited for the Duck Dynasty season premier tonight? Or is it just me? I love the Robertson clan, complete with family matriarch Miss Kay. In almost every episode, you see Miss Kay cooking up something good in the kitchen. Sometimes even the guys get involved, like during the episode when they competed with […]

Top Ten Tips for Hosting a Dinner Party without Crying

There’s no crying in baseball. Or dinner party hosting. Recently, I hosted a party for 12 of my closest friends. That’s 13 – yes, thirteen – people total. And this wasn’t just a party where I put out some food buffet-style. This was a sit down dinner. It was exhausting and amazing. I was stressed […]

30 Kitchen Stocking Stuffers

Looking for a stocking stuffer for your favorite home chef? Really neat kitchen gadgets don’t have to be expensive. Today, I have compiled a list of 30 kitchen-related items that would be great for stocking stuffers (or smaller items to give to friends). Everything on this list is small, under $20, and super useful in […]

What to do if you don’t have a Cooling Rack

When you read a recipe, especially for baked goods, you’ll often see that the last step is to cool the cookies or muffins or whatever on a cooling rack. Doing this allows the baked goods to cool more quickly and evenly, so it’s a valuable step that you shouldn’t skip. But what if you don’t […]

No-Bake Treats for Riding Out the Hurricane

Here on the East Coast, the PinterTest Kitchen ladies are riding out Hurricane Sandy. Although we all still have power, we’re not sure how long that will last. But just because you don’t have electricity doesn’t mean you can’t eat well! Here are some no-bake treats that can hold you over through the roughest of […]

What to do When a Recipe Stinks (or You Set the Kitchen on Fire)?

A few weeks ago, I had this craving for cheesecake. I’ve made a few cheesecake recipes in the past, but I wanted to Pinter-Test a new recipe so I could post about it on this blog. The result was such a disaster that it’s not even worth a PinterMESS post. I wouldn’t share this recipe […]