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Here’s a list of the information, products, and other stuff we use regularly! (At the end, you can find a list of our favorite fellow food bloggers.)

Conversion Charts

Not every recipe you find online is written with ingredient amounts in the best way. Or you might want to double/half/whatever a recipe. Or you might want to use a recipe that was written by someone in another country, where they use different measurements. Whatever the case, here’s a list of some common conversions you might need:

(note that oz = fluid ounces)

Unit: Equals:
1 tsp 1/3 TBSP
1 TBSP 3 tsp
1/8 cup 2 TBSP
¼ cup 4 TBSP
½ cup 8 TBPS
1 cup 8 oz / ½ pint
1 pint 2 cups
1 quart 32 oz / 2 pints
1 liter 34 oz / 4 ¼ cup
1 gallon 128 oz / 4 quarts

There’s also a great conversion tool here if you don’t want to do the legwork of converting yourself.

Our Favorite Kitchen Products

Here are some of our favorite tools to use in the kitchen:

Our Favorite Cooking/Baking Blogs

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