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Are you interested in reaching our audience? We’d love to work with you! Here are our current advertising options and rates. Please note that these rates are subject to change and not every opportunity is right for us, so we reserve the right to say no to proposed deals. Email Allison at for more information.

Sidebar Banner Advertising on Our Food Blog:

We currently are not accepting new banner ads. If you want to be alerted when we are accepting these ads again, please contact Allison.

Sponsored Posts on Our Food Blog:

Like many bloggers, we are now offering sponsored posts on The PinterTest Kitchen. Sponsored posts are clearly marked as such and can creatively promote your brand to our readers. Here are some options for sponsored posts:

  • We’ll make a recipe using your kitchen tool or ingredient. The post will feature pictures and a promo for the product we’re using. Rate: $100+ (depends on the ingredients and time needed to make the recipe).
  • We’ll write a how-to or tips post that features your product or brand. Rate: $100
  • We’ll publish an “advertorial” about your product (you provide the content). Rate: $50
  • We’ll write and publish an “advertorial” about your product. Rate: $100
  • Video post (you provide the content): $50
  • Video post (we provide the content): $200
  • We’ll (honestly) review your product. Rate: 2 free products + $50-$100 worth of free products to give away to our readers in conjunction with the post
  • We’ll post a giveaway for our readers for your product. (You must coordinate shipping.) Rate: $50 + free products to give away

Have another idea? Just let us know and we’re happy to work with you on a sponsored post for our food blog.

All sponsored posts include at least three links back to your site – one at the beginning, one in the body of the post, and one at the very end as a “call to action”. Posts are 400 – 1000 words (except for video posts) and will include pictures of your product. We promote all of our sponsored posts on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter multiple times over the course of a month, and in the case of recipes, we also upload to My Recipe Magic. Over the course of the next three months, we also link back to your post at least three times in subsequent posts, and will continue to do so when relevant from that point on.

Sponsored posts are also promoted in one of our PinterTest Kitchen e-newsletters.

Posts for your Blog:

Interested in having one of The PinterTest Kitchen gals write a post for your blog?

If you’re a fellow food/home/DIY blogger, let us know! We’re definitely interested in both paid and non-paid guest post opportunities that include a link back to The PinterTest Kitchen.

If you’re a brand, rates start at $100 + the cost of the ingredients (if you’re looking for a recipe) and depend on post/article length, whether or not we get a bio/link, etc.

Newsletter Sponsorship:

The PinterTest Kitchen e-newsletter is sent once per week. This newsletter is sent in a follow-up fashion, rather than a broadcast fashion. So, not only will your sponsorship be seen by all current subscribers, but it will also be see by all future subscribers when they reach that newsletter in the sequence. So, this is an amazing way to continuously reach our audience.

There are three options for newsletter sponsorship:

  • One-Time sponsorship: This will be seen by all current subscribers, but not future subscribers. Rate: $15 per 100 subscribers
  • One Year sponsorship: This will be seen by all current subscribers and future subscribers in the next year. Rate: $15 per 100 current subscribers + $100
  • Life Time sponsorship: This will be seen by all current and future subscribers. Your ad will never be removed from the newsletter. Rate: $15 per 100 current subscribers + $300

Contact us for current stats and projects or if you’d like a copy of our most recent newsletter.

Travel Sponsorship:

We love to attend blogging and food conferences. If you’re interested in sponsoring one of our trips, we’d love to hear from your. Travel sponsorship starts at $500, and we’ll put together a package that works for you, which can include any of the above kinds of advertising, as well as things such as:

  • Wearing your t-shirt during travel or at the conference (you must provide)
  • Carrying a branded bag or backpack (you must provide)
  • Working at your booth part of the time (if you’ll be exhibiting)
  • Assist in booth set up or tear down
  • Design marketing material for your brand to use at the event
  • Giving out business cards branded with your information while networking at the event (your must provide)
  • Meeting with specific people while at the event to talk about your brand
  • Speaking in your behalf at the event
  • Represent your brand at an unofficial (or official) dinner, party, or networking event
  • Write posts about the experience before/after the event
  • Liveblog a keynote or session
  • Tweet from the event, mentioning your brand

We’re open to ideas! What we cannot do, however, is pass out samples, literature, etc. at an event where you have not purchased the rights to do so as an exhibitor or sponsor. This is considered suitcasing and is against the rules at most events. All sponsorships must fit into the events’ guidelines so there’s no risk of being asked to leave!

Other Advertising:

We’re always willing to work with awesome brands who have creative advertising ideas. Contact Allison today at to discuss your budget and ideas. Let’s make it happen!

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