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When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a huge yard sale, which included several bags of old dresses. The entire day, my cousins and I played dress-up between sales, donning her old outfits and marching down a make-shift aisle in the yard. I don’t know if the yard sale was a success, but I do know that we had a ton of fun that day celebrating our pretend weddings.

In just a few months, I will be celebrating my real wedding with my friends and family. My fiance and I are having a private courthouse wedding here in Virginia, and then traveling to Central Pennsylvania to celebrate with our friends and family. We’ve been through a lot together, including two deployments, and we’re excited to finally say “I do!”

Since we aren’t having a traditional wedding ceremony, we do not have a large wedding party – just my sister (Jessica) as the maid of honor and Jeffrey’s brother (Justin) as best man. A few weeks ago, Jess and my mom threw me a lovely bridal shower, so I thought I’d take a moment to share some pictures.


Our wedding has a vintage/retro theme, and Jess used the font and style of our save the date cards to create this poster, which she surrounded with pictures of Jeffrey and me throughout the years.

She said she was pleasantly surprised at the number of pictures she found where Jeffrey was not making a goofy face. I reminded her that she did have to look through YEARS of pictures to pick the 12 that she printed… and at least 3-4 of them are in “goofy face” territory.

I can’t take him anywhere.


I had requested no gifts, since Jeffrey and I have been living together for years and have everything we need.

Seriously, could someone explain to me the point of getting the couple a bridal shower gift AND a wedding gift? Jeffrey asked what the difference was and I made up some BS response so I sounded like I knew about these girly things. But really, are two gifts really necessary?

Whatever the reason, I gave Jess a “no gifts please” rule for my shower. Instead, each guest brought a bottle of wine and a recipe. Jess and my mom made wine bottle tags for the guests to hang around the neck of the bottles they brought. Each tag says something cute like “for your first Christmas together” or “drink after you make a large purchase together.”

My dad made the wooden box, which holds the recipe and also is made to hold a cook book. My aunt broke the “no gifts” rule and hand-embroidered the Mr. and Mrs. napkins, which I love despite my rantings about no gifts.


Guests also played a few games, including guessing how many kisses were in the jar.

GET IT? Chocolate KISSES?! Wedding shower games are so cheesey, haha. But fun!

In case you were wondering, everything is purple and red because those are my wedding colors, and my sister is the queen of cute color-coordinated graphics.


One traditional wedding shower game that is “who’s got the groom.” Every plate (or chair) has a picture of the bride on the bottom, except for one, which has a picture of the groom. That person wins a prize. Well, Jess planned something a little different. Jeffrey is known for taking pictures of himself in silly hats. So, every plate had a picture of Jeffrey in a silly hat taped to the bottom, except one – it has a picture of me photobombing Jeffrey.

Yes, that is a hot dog hat on my head. LOL.

Afterward, we all stuck our Jeffrey pictures on Jess’ fridge because they were so funny. They say you should marry someone who makes you laugh, right? Jeffrey and I definitely crack up all the time, so I guess we have that covered! 🙂


Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without some treats. Jess and my mom made this beautiful ring cupcake display. There were lemon cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes, each made with wine. YUM!

And last but not least…


I did get one BIG gift… a Kitchen Aid mixer! We always joke that the only way to get one of these bad boys is to get married (because they are so expensive… everyone chips in).

I was so surprised! I thought that maybe my family would chip in to get me the mixer for my wedding, but I didn’t expect to get it at the wedding shower. My mom even made a card that had a little mixer sticker on it, but I didn’t realize it until they brought out the gift.

It really was the perfect bridal shower for me. Most of my friends couldn’t make it because they live all over the country, but I’m not really one for big parties, especially where I have to be the center of attention. A small party with a few close friends and family members is fine for me.

And now… bring on the big day!

I’m curious – did you have a bridal shower? What was it like?

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2 thoughts on “A PinterTest Kitchen Bridal Shower

  1. What a fun shower! All of the gifts to make more sense if you are young and moving straight from your parents house to on your own for the first time. That being said, a few bottles of wine and mixer never hurt anyone! Congrats and best wishes on the upcoming wedding fun!

    • Thanks, Carlee!

      Yes, I guess if you’re young then you need all the gifts you can get so you can start your life with more than an air mattress and a bunch of cool whip containers as bowls. 🙂 But I today people are getting married later, after they already have at least *some* stuff. All the gifts get a little out of hand.

      You’re right about the wine and mixer though – I love it!!!

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