50+ Dessert Recipes with Bailey’s Irish Cream

50+ Dessert Recipes with Bailey’s Irish Cream - Triple Chocolate Kitchen

Bailey’s Irish Cream is my favorite liqueur of all time! When I turned 21, the very first drink someone bought me was a “buttery nipple” shot, which part butterscotch schnapps and part Bailey’s. Yum!

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to find some new recipe ideas. Every year, our street is closed off for a huge St. Patrick’s Day parade, so we throw a big party for all our friends. My family even travels down from PA to be part of it. It’s become a nice little tradition.

Well, I’ve create quite the list of recipes! I’m still not sure which of them I’ll try for the party this year, but maybe I better pick up an extra bottle of Bailey’s, whatcha think? 🙂



Candy & Fudge


Brownies and Cookies


I also plan to make these Rainbow Fizzies again, since they were a hit last year, and I’ll be sharing another yummy St. Patrick’s Day recipe tomorrow, so stay tuned!



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